February March 2024

Have you ever had the privilege of encountering a WOW Woman? You know, one of those incredible individuals who radiates strength, grace, and wisdom in every step she takes? She captivates your attention with her outer beauty and a sense of purpose that reaches out and grabs hold of you.  WOW Women are like rare gems, shining brightly amidst a dim and dull world.

But what exactly is a WOW Woman? Who are these extraordinary beings that seem to possess an other worldly glow? To understand the depth and significance of a WOW Woman, we must first delve into the layers of what it means to be a woman of worship, worth, and war. These three elements intertwine and weave together to create a tapestry of strength, resilience, and love unique to every WOW Woman.

A WOW Woman is a woman of worship. She deeply reveres and connects to God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. Through God, she finds solace and guidance in her faith. Her worship extends beyond the four walls of her prayer closet. She sees the beauty and divinity in everything and everyone around her, and she strives to uplift and inspire others to do the same.

WOW Women are more than just women of worship. We are aware of our worth and won’t settle for anything that doesn’t measure up. We understand that our value is not found in our physical appearance, material possessions, or achievements, but in our true self.

A WOW Woman accepts her flaws and imperfections, understanding that they are the very things that make her unique and beautiful.  Being a WOW Woman is not without its challenges. In the moments of struggle, pain, and adversity, a WOW Woman truly shines as a woman of war. She is not afraid to battle for what she believes in, truth, and God’s love and freedom as a daughter of the Most-High God. She stands firm in her convictions, even when the world around her tries to knock her down. She is a force to be reckoned with, a warrior who refuses to back down in the face of opposition. And in her fight, she   inspires others to join her, to rise and be warriors in their own right. We cannot measure others by society’s standards or be confined to a set of rules. It is a state of being, an embodiment of strength, grace, and love that transcends boundaries and expectations. We can learn to embrace our power and worth and make a difference in our world.

My dear sister, are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Are you ready to discover what it truly means to be a WOW Woman? If so, then let us step into a world where strength, grace, and love reign supreme. Let’s explore the true meaning of being a WOW Woman, a woman of God, and come out transformed, inspired, and ready to spread light in a world that needs it.